Mennat Allah Salama Taha Ibrahim
Ain shams university
Name(s) of instructor(s): 
Fatma Fathy (Teaching assistant)
Mostafa Refaat (Professor)
Brief About The Project: 

The project represents the first unit of a re-arrange-able floating city and a futuristic vision of vertical farming, to overcome the expected rise in the Mediterranean sea level by 2050 causing the flooding of Delta zone, loss of crops, fresh water, homes and the unemployment of many. VERTICAL-EDEN is A vertical farm mixed-use skyscraper constructed 80 km in the Mediterranean sea city of the shore of Damieta city in Egypt. The vertical farm is to compensate the agricultural loss and increase the production as vertical farming production is 5-10 more than horizontal farming ,to provide residential houses to farmers. The rotating farm units show innovation in the construction in the future.

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