Spatial Prosthetic, Dubai, UAE

Dunia Abu Shanab
American University of Sharjah
Name(s) of instructor(s): 
George Katodrytis
United Arab Emirates
Brief About The Project: 


This project, which is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, was developed as both a criticism and a metaphor of the world of fantasy and dreams that Dubai suggests. The project provides a critical reflection of the urban developments that have been taking place in Dubai. It particularly addresses the crippling effects of the 2008 financial crisis on Dubai's real estate sector, and how it has brought construction on more than 400 towers to a halt.

This project suggests that unfinished construction sites in Dubai may be used and brought back to life through a series of events. Performances of light and video projections therefore would be carried out within a number of pods that are plugged onto unfinished structures.

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