Environmental Research Center

Ziad Ahmed Fahmy
Alexandria University-Faculty of fine Arts-Architecture Department
Name(s) of instructor(s): 
Walid Omar Moustafa
Brief About The Project: 

Increase of pollution affecting Lake Mariout, which led to decrease in the volume of water for the lake over time periods
Three study to solve the problem:
1-Study plant & Soil
2-Impact of factories on the air
3-Water pollution from factory waste
-Project consists of three floors:
1-Study of plants & soil,it contains laboratories of botany & planting areas & greenhouses
2-Concerned to study lake water by drawing water with motor through the cantilevered of the lake
3-Study air by sensors on surface of mass & equipped with wind power above the surface to support the energy of the mass
-All elements of project achieve goals to raise efficiency of the region environmentally & socially

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