Baptism site eco-tourism & Interpretation center (Honorable Mention)

Anas Soheel Badawi al Mikhi
University of Petra
Name(s) of instructor(s): 
Rania Abu Ramadan
Brief About The Project: 

This  project is located in the north of the Dead Sea, baptism site area in WadiKharrar. It contains a gallery which introduces you to the site and the historical artifacts that are found in it. The methodologies followed in this  project is a solution to economic problems facing Jordan and an investment in the religious tourism sites in Jordan.

هذا المشروع يقع في موقع المغطس شمال البحر الميت، يستكشف هذا المشروع هندسة العمارة الدينية و تأثيرها على السياحة الدينية.

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